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Briefcase Kit

Professional & Discreet

The Dexso Briefcase Kit is a complete essential oil extraction set, nicely packed in a high quality aluminium briefcase. The Dexso B.C.K. Consits of a small Dexso E.O.E. extractor, two cans of the high end solvent Dexso D.M.E., two Dexso Silicon containers and a Dexso Silicon pad as well as a  foil of Dexso P.T.F.E.. All products are being stored in a specially cut foam and protected by a resistant and lockable aluminium case. Perfect for keeping your extraction gear protected and in place. 


Specially cut foam.

The specially cut foam of the Dexso Briefcase Kit is safely holding your extraction gear in place and protecting it from physical damage. 


Neutral business case.

The Dexso Briefcase Kit is lockable by key and absolutely neutral.

Transport your extraction gear where ever you want.


Bill of Delivery

1 x Dexso Briefcase with keys

1 x Dexso E.O.E. Standard 

2 x Dexso D.M.E. 

2 x Dexso Silicon Container

1 x Dexso Silicon Pad

1 x Dexso P.T.F.E. 

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