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Fold your extraction vessel and then use Dexso P.T.F.E. directly for purging.


Dexso P.T.F.E. is a multifunctional tool, easy to use for every extraction and is made of laboratory grade Teflon which is a 100% resistant to Dexso D.M.E. 


Therefor it can be fold to an extraction vessel, which is each time fitting exactly the volume you need. Besides this Dexso P.T.F.E. is just perfect for purging, handling and storring your extracts. Dexso P.T.F.E. won't stick to your extracts and it is temperature resistant up to 220°C. On top of this Dexso P.T.F.E. is reusable and thicker and bigger than other competitive products, making it longer lasting and much easier to handle. Fold your extraction vessel, purge your extracts, avoid loosing your extracts and protect your furniture from extract residue. 


Dexso P.T.F.E.

Use Dexso P.T.F.E., one of the biggest and strongest single sheet P.T.F.E. foils in the world. With Dexso P.T.F.E. you fold stable extraction vessels according to your demands and you always have enough space for a good purge. Protect your table from sticky extracts, and your extracts from getting lost

The Dexso P.T.F.E. foil is easy to use and can be cut to any size you need. And on top of this the Dexso P.T.F.E. is thicker and stronger than competitive products, making it more reliable as well as longer lasting. Reuse Dexso P.T.F.E. for every extraction and get more for your money!

Easier to handle and longer lasting.

The Dexso P.T.F.E. foil is a 100% laboratory grade Polyflourtetraethylene (Teflon).  Dexso P.T.F.E. is therefore 100% resistant to Dexso D.M.E and other solvents like Ethanol or Butane. Dexso P.T.F.E. is resistant up to 220°C.

High temperature resistant laboratory grade teflon foil.

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